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Villain: So what are you guys doing here in our house?

Ardent: We’re not really here to talk…

Swordsman: We’re here to PAAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY!

Wizard: *pulls strobe lights out of his robes*

*Starships by Nicki Minaj starts playing*

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open the doop, get on the floop. everybody walk the dinosoop

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Key Elements to Working with INFPs


  • Listen attentively to the INFP.

  • Do not overtly shun their opinion.

  • Be open and flexible. 

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Alto: Narcoleptic Agoraphobe and Space/Mind mage that lives in a bus

Virtuous: Another mage and Alto’s roommate that is also a therapist.

Virtuous: I have a plan!

Alto: I’m listening.

Virtuous: You’re not going to like it.

Alto: …I’m gonna have to leave the bus again, aren’t I?

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MBTI: What makes them tick?


(i.e. how to manipulate appeal to each type)

xNTP - play their curiosity
xNTJ - do something inefficiently (they will take over and do everything instead of you)
xSTP - a well-placed dare
xSFP - play prince charming/damsel in distress
xSTJ - play the naive student (give them something to preach you about)
xSFJ - a guilt trip
xNFJ - a chance to reform you (show them your traumatic childhood issues)
xNFP - make them feel you’re the only one who understands their uniqueness

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